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What liability cover does a motor insurance policy include?

Your motor insurance policy includes your legal liability for death or injury to other persons and for damage to other persons’ property arising out of an incident involving your car. This includes injury to passengers whilst in your vehicle and whilst they are getting in or out of your vehicle. It also includes liability whilst loading and unloading.

Why do I need taxi drivers public liability insurance?

Injury to other persons or damage to property is possible when you are going about your business even when you are not using your motor vehicle.

Such claims could include:

    • Assisting a wheelchair user from your vehicle to their home and scraping the wheelchair down the side of a car on the driveway
    • Whilst you are putting luggage onto a luggage trolley at an airport, it topples over into the road causing a car accident
    • You have a school run contract and upon arrival at the school you drop the child off on the opposite side of the road to the school and the child is knocked down whilst crossing the road

Some insurers do provide separate public liability cover for such business related liability claims but not all. Some cover at no charge and some for a small additional premium.

If the motor insurer does not provide public liability cover, Penk Insurance can provide you with a separate taxi drivers public liability policy.

Indemnity limits of £2m, £5m or £10m are available.